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Information about the Korg R3

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picture of the Korg R3

Listen to the Korg R3 through these:

Yamaha StagePas 300, Yamaha StagePas 500

Roland SA-300 (get a pair), Peavey KB-5

Recording tools for your Korg R3

Yamaha AW1600 hard disk-based multitrack recorder, Boss MicorBR

Korg D888 hard disk-based recording studio, Korg D4, Zoom H4

Alesis MultiMix 8USB mixer/audio interface


Korg R3 Description

New for NAMM Jan 07, and replacing the highly successful, retro-styled MicroKorg, the 8 voice polyphonic R3 synthesizer & vocoder is based on the MMT (Multi Modelling Technology) sound generation engine of the Korg RADIAS along with the Kaossilator, has full size keys (the miniature keys were one of the few criticisms of the MicroKorg), a better mic (XLR on the front) for use with the excellent 16-band vocoder (again from the RADIAS), and a USB connection for easy access to the bundled, stand-alone PC-based editor for creating, changing & storing sounds.

Slicker and more professional looking than the cute though still useful MicroKorg, the Korg R3 is set to be another classic from Korg, for creating traditional, thick analogue sounds both in the studio and on stage... a corker.

25.00" (W) x 10.63" (D) x 2.99" (H), 6.17 lbs

Marketing blurb for Korg R3

Full specification of Korg R3

Korg R3 reviews

A first view from 'Create Digital Music'

Korg R3 resources

Korg R3 manual as soon as it is available

Korg R3 Editor as soon as it is available

Alternatives to the Korg R3

MicroKorg, Microkorg XL, Korg MicroX

Novation X-Station, XioSynth

Roland SH201

Alesis Ion, Alesis Micron

Yamaha MM6

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